Workshop Proceedings

S.No. Title Author Year Download
1. Natural Resource Use Planning for Sustainable Agriculture, .
Workshop Proceedings, ICAR-NIAP
Chand, P., Jain, R., Kumar, S. D., Singh, J.M., Badal, P.S.2020
2. Agriculture and Ecosystem Services,
Seminar Proceedings No.16, published by Director,NIAP.
Suresh Pal 2018
3. Methodological Issues in Assessing Impact of Watershed Programmes,
NIAP Workshop Proceedings No.15, published by Director,NIAP.
Sant Kumar,Alok K .Sikka,Suresh A 2011
5. Smallholder Livestock Production in India: Opportunities and Challenges
NIAP Workshop Proceedings No.14, published by Director,NIAP.
PS Birthal,V K Taneja and W Thorpe 2006
5. Impact of Vegetable Research in India ,
NIAP Workshop Proceedings No.13, published by Director,NIAP.
Sant Kumar, P.K. Joshi and Suresh Pal 2004
6. Resource Analysis for Sustaining Water-Food Security,
NIAP Workshop Proceedings No.12, published by Director,NIAP.
S. Selvarajan, B. C. Roy, N. Suresh2004
7. Integrated Pest Management in Indian Agriculture,
NIAP Workshop Proceedings No.11, published by Director,NIAP.
P. S. Birthal, O. P. Sharma 2004
8. A Profile of People, Technologoes and Policies in Fishries Sector in India,
NIAP Workshop Proceedings No.10, published by Director,NIAP.
Anjani Kumar, P. K. Katiha, P. K. Joshi2003
9. Prioritization of strategies for Agricultural Development in Northeastern India,
NIAP Workshop Proceedings No.9, published by Director,NIAP.
B.C. Barah2001
10. ICAR-Industry Interface in Agricultural Research,
NIAP Workshop Proceedings No.8, published by Director,NIAP.
Mruthyunjaya, Suresh Pal and A. K. Bawa2000
11. Aquaculture Development in India: Problems and Prospects,
NIAP Workshop Proceedings No.7, published by Director,NIAP.
M. Krishanan and Pratap Singh Birthal2000
12. New Paradigms of Agricultural Research Management,
NIAP Workshop Proceedings No.6, published by Director,NIAP.
Suresh Pal and P. K. Joshi1999
13. Land Use Planning in India,
NIAP Workshop Proceedings No.5, published by Director,NIAP.
T. Haque1999
14. Food, Population and Environment: Strategies for Sustainable Indian Agriculture,
NIAP Workshop Proceedings No.4, published by Director,NIAP.
B. C. Barah1998
15. Social Sciences Education in Agriculture: Perspective for Future,
NIAP Workshop Proceedings No.3, published by Director,NIAP.
Rasheed Sulaiman and S. Selvarajan1996
16. Vision on India's Rice Trade,
NIAP Workshop Proceedings No.2, published by Director,NIAP.
Ramesh Chand and T. Haque1996
17. Small Farm Diversification: Problems and Prospects,
NIAP Workshop Proceedings No.1, published by Director,NIAP.
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