Quinquennial Review Team (QRT)

Fourth QRT chaired by Prof. S Mahendra Dev(2019)

"First meeting of IV QRT was convened on 18th July, 2019 at ICAR-NIAP. The meeting was chaired by Prof. S Mahendra Dev. Other external members of IV QRT are Dr D. Verma, Former DG CSO, MOSPI, Dr V Gandhi Professor, IIM, Dr R S Sindhu, Registrar, PAU, Dr J P Mishra, Former ADG, ICAR. Dr N. S. Rathore, DDG (Edn) and Dr Venkateshwarlu G. , ADG (EAQ&R) also attended the meeting and briefed QRT team about their expectations from ICAR-NIAP. Dr Suresh Pal, Director, NIAP ..."

Third QRT chaired by Dr. S.S. Acharya (2012)

"The Centre has come out with new research-based knowledge...., performed exceedingly well and contributed immensely in generating research-based policy outputs..."

Second QRT chaired by Dr. S.S. Johl (2007)

"The Centre has established its credibility in the NARS through its scientific excellence and purpose oriented focused agricultural economics research... healthy institutional traditions, motivated staff, dynamic leadership and support of the Council are the key strengths..."

The First QRT chaired by Dr. V.S. Vyas (2000)

"The Centre has provided adequate justification for its establishment by creditable academic research serious efforts in dissemination and advocacy of its research output, right environment for high quality and relevant research is created..."

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