JHA Memorial Lectures

S.No. Title Speaker Year
1. 11th Prof. Dayaatha Jha Memorial Lecture Prof. Sachin chaturvedi 2018
2. Agricultural in the current context – Opportunities and Challenges Dr. Harsh Kumar Bhanwala 2017
3. Doubling farmers Income: Where and how it is Possible? Prof. Ramesh Chand 2016
4. Development, Inclusion and Climate Change: India’s Multiple Imperatives Dr. Kirit S. Parikh 2015
5. India’s Economic Growth During the Last Two Decades: Issues of Inclusiveness and Sustainability Prof. T.S. papola 2014
6. Inclusive Growth : Reflection on Concept and Indian Experiences Prof. Sukhadeo Thorat 2013
7. Agricultural Prices and Markets: The Most Contested Issues Prof. R. S. Deshpande 2012
8. Agricultural Issues for 12th Plan Prof. Abhijit Sen 2011
9. Common Property Resources: Issues and Perspectives Dr. N. S. Jodha 2010
10. Emerging Trends in Indian Agriculture Ashok Gulati 2009
11. Challenges for Revival of Indian Agriculture S Mahendra Dev 2008
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